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  Are you always on the go?

  Through our easy to use web portal, you have complete control over how your phone system operates. You can easily make changes to ring groups, auto attendants, extensions and much

  more.With just the click of the mouse, change your whole time of day routing, number routing, hold music and just about every other option you can think of. Tailor all your calling

  features to meet your individual needs. Download your bill and pay - all through the portal. Want to know instantly what numbers your employee's are calling - view live call reports

  instantly. Need a monthly report? Through our web portal your can run call reports, print out call volume graphs and much more.

A Secure and Reliable Solution

  At Resource 1 Telecom we deliver top quality, reliable solutions utilizing VOIP technology. We make your transition to a cloud based phone system seamless and worry free. With our

  enhanced service your system will know when a sip trunk or a phone extension is offline. What this means to you is that your calls are automatically re-routed based on your criteria. This

  way you don't have to worry about missing any calls in times of power and internet outages. With a flexible infrastructure along with easy scalability and upgrades, the system can grow as

  you grow. Business continuity is simplified because your phones can be used anywhere internet access is available. 

Call, email or just drop by but contact us today to see how we can help you save money and improve your communication services.

  If your still connected to traditional telephone lines, then you may still be connecting to others like this.

  Get your communication services up-to-date with a  new Hosted IP PBX service  from Resource 1 Telecom and get away from the old and into the new.


  Are you ready to upgrade your communications services but don't have the resources or the desire to purchase, setup and maintain your own telephone system - then let Resource 1  

  Telecom's Hosted IP PBX be the communications solution for your business!

  Our Hosted IP PBX brings a big business phone system to you at a lower total cost of ownership than what you're currently paying now. Our platform delivers your services to you over
  your existing internet connection, which in turn, allows you to efficiently use one connection for all your communication and data needs.

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